Commission tariffs

on rendered services of the OJSC “Sohibkorbank”

for residents of the Republic of Tajikistan




Description of services

Tariffs on rendering services


Opening of the account

30 somoni


Attestation of authorized signatures by legal department of the OJSC “Sohibkorbank”

35 somoni


Service of customer accounts:


issue of daily statements of the customer account

free of charge

issue of summary statement of the customer account

free of charge

repeated issue of summary statement of the customer account

5 somoni

issue check-book (25 sheets)

25 somoni

issue check-book (50 sheets)

50 somoni

issue of the duplicate of the document (cash paymentvoucher, announcement on delivery of cash)

10 somoni


Cash disbursement in national currency from the customer account

up to 1%


Cash disbursement in foreign currency from the account



System of e-payments in national currency:


Interbranch intrasystem payments

free of charge

interbank payments

4 somoni(up to 10 somoni doesn’t charge commissions)


Transactionson purchase and sale of foreign currency


Conversion of currency (purchase)

according to official exchange rate of the National Bank of Tajikistan at the date of purchase

Conversion of currency (sale)

in accordance with the ruling rate in the market


Assistance at filling indicators (requisites) of financing

13 somoni


Preparation and sending requests at the instance of clients concerning their activity

20 somoni


Delivery of monetary cash and other material values through collectors

as by agreement


Rendering consulting services concerning bank activity

as by agreement


Preparation of permission for export of currency (at the request of clients)

3 somoni


Delivery of confirmations on receipt of currency means connected with export of goods, registration of the passport of the export transaction (the passport of export transaction on cotton)

0,01% from the confirmed amount or from the contract amount

The commissions for transfer of foreign currency from currency accounts of clients, and also without opening of the account by SWIFT system

it is possible to get information in points:

for “Legal entities”–“International payments”

for “Natural persons”–“International payments”